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Alyssa Mooney

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What I Do

who i am and what i do

Professional illustrator with a background in Fine Art and Graphic Design. I specialize in a variety of styles, including the following:



3D Realistic

Illustrations that appear photo-realistic or 3-dimensional. Great for product illustrations, especially electronics.


Character & Product

Toys, vehicles, housewares, furniture, electronics, tools, health & beauty, and more


Technical Line Drawings

Maps, assembly instructions, technical illustrations, floorplans, and more



Scenes, scenery, and scenarios based in this world or one created just for you


Flat Design

Icons, infographics, interfaces, graphs, charts, logos, web graphics, typographical layouts, etc.



Realistic building interior and exterior illustrations, floorplans, roughed up sketches, and more



a select sampling of my work


Clients and Brands


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